About Us

Spa plus co., ltd.

    Established on 19th June 2001, Bangkok, THAILAND, offers the most comprehensive therapeutic wellness and spa program, staffing, training, product and equipment have been carefully sourced from around the world along with the highest quality to set up and operate wellness and spas by the entrepreneurial leadership of founder Ms. Naparat Srilapan, The Managing Director.

    Spa Plus co., ltd. is the market leader in the provision of spa services in Thailand. It has the expertise in setting up and developing wellness and spa consult and also to assist hotels, resorts and country clubs with their plans to install a spa in their facilities or upgrade their existing facilities to incorporate a full-fledged wellness spa. We have worked with many top hotels, resorts, and country clubs in Thailand, Laos, Germany, Italy, Nepal and many more countries to handle spa consultancy projects and/or to manage wellness spas. As a complete spa consulting and management firm.

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Why Choose us?

  • Proven track record of performance and delivery. Our management experience encompasses every spa category from destination and resort spas to up market day.
  • Powerful combination of western training and professionalism and extensive Asian experience. Directors are based in the Asia pacific region, allowing immediate response to client requests.
  • Sound industry knowledge and far-reaching contacts which produce considerable savings for clients in the development and executive phases.
  • Association and affiliation with international organizations bringing integrity to the market place and maintaining the company’s cosmopolitan outlook.